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Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services

Our Power Washing Services Take The Pressure Off You And Put It On Your Surfaces

A Company Dedicated To High-Quality Work, Honesty, Transparency, Affordability, Professionalism, Punctuality, And Creative Problem Solving

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If You Want Professional High-Quality Power Washing Services Provided In A Timely, Affordable And Safe Approach, Then You’ve Come To The Right Place For 100% Customer Satisfaction

Delivering High-Quality, Affordable Ohio Power Washing Services For Commercial And Residential Properties

Our Ohio Power Washing Services are licensed and fully insured, and we guarantee consummate services and outstanding results. We use gas-powered washers with either cold water or hot water, depending on the type of job involved.

Why We Use Gas-Powered Washers In Our Power Washing Services

The reason we choose to use a gas-powered washer is the fact that it is more versatile than an electric unit. A gas-powered unit does not depend on battery chargers or extension cords, pushes out more pressure, can clean larger areas in less time, and provides better surface cleaning.

Though Gas Powered Pressure Washers will do a fantastic job, especially on demanding jobs, they are noisier than electric units. So if noise does bother you, our power washing services staff can make an appointment while you are away. And as a neighborly gesture, you may want to let your next-door neighbors know the date and time of a power washing.

We Know How To Prevent Pressurized Water Damage With Our Power Washing Services!

Damage occurs from power washing for several reasons, but an experienced company like Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services knows each preventable cause.

Five variables can create pressure water damage: wrong water pressure level, incorrect nozzle, too close to the surface, harsh cleaning solutions, and length of time pressurizing a surface. Click To See More Below.

SRV’s Power Washing Services Region Includes, But Not Limited To,  Bucyrus, Upper Sandusky, Nevada, Sycamore, Carey, New Washington, Bloomville, Attica, Republic, Willard, Tiffin, Findlay, Arcadia, Fostoria, Bettsville, Green Springs, Clyde, Fremont, Gibsonburg, Lindsey, Vickery, Castalia, Sandusky, Port Clinton, Marblehead, Chatfield, West Milgrove, Bradner, Pemberville, Alvada, and McCutchenville.

Our Greater Tiffin, Ohio Power Washing Services And More!

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - Hose Washing

Commercial Buildings

Our power washing services support all your outside power washing needs if you need Commercial exterior building cleaning in the greater Tiffin, Ohio region. Having a clean exterior commercial building leaves a lasting impression, improving curb attractiveness and attracting more customers.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - RV Deck washing

RV Decks and RV Cement Spots

Maintaining and cleaning your RV deck and RV cement spots can be a task. Power washing involves using a high-pressure water spray to clean and remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from these surfaces. Power washing is an effective way to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of RV decks and cement spots, ensuring they remain in good condition and free from harmful contaminants. The deck was built by West Tex Decks.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - House Washing

House Washing

There are many advantages to power washing your home or building, so it looks its best. Pressure washing your home can remove dirt, mold, moss, and more. If your metal or vinyl siding needs cleaning, we can get the job done quickly. If you have wooden siding, we can clean it and prepare it for paint or staining.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - Wood And Synthetic Decks

Wood And Synthetic Decks

Yearly deck pressure washing will keep it free of dirt and other debris, helping to maintain its lifespan and look. If you have a wood deck, pressure washing it before applying any stain or sealer is a must if you wish it to adhere. Please note composite decking needs a gentler wash, or damage can occur.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - Sidewalks/Pavers


Like any other surface, pavers are always vulnerable to dirt while weeds and grass grow in their joints. The most common method of cleaning pavers is a pressure washer. Also, pavers need a sealant once cleaned, which increases durability. Inexperienced paver pressure washers can cause damage, so it’s best left to professionals.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - Wood And Vinyl Fencing/Gates

Wood And Vinyl Fencing/Gates

Power washing a wood fence can be problematic. Using the wrong amount of pressure can damage a wooden or vinyl fence and be costly to repair or replace. Cleaning dust, dirt, and debris on a fence with a power washer is the perfect preparation for staining or painting and proper adherence, and we do the cleaning job right the first time.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - Parking Lots

Parking Lots, Sidewalks and Patios

Parking lots, sidewalks, and patios can be covered with food, sand, dirt, oil, grease, and various stains, which can lower the apparent value of your structure or property. Many stains cannot be removed entirely, though they can be significantly lightened. However, regular pressure washing can show pride in your property and certainly be more appealing to potential home sellers or customers’ eyes.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - Deck Sealing

Deck Staining and Painting 

Deck staining and painting are popular methods for enhancing and protecting outdoor wooden decks. Each method has its own set of advantages and considerations, contributing to the overall value and longevity of the deck. When examining your deck, we’ll provide a thorough explanation of the value of both deck staining and painting and which best suits your needs.


Sandusky River Valley Power Washing LLC Services - Sealed Cement

Cement Sealing After Washing

We can cement seal after washing driveways, patios, or sidewalks using a water-based hydrophobic penetrating sealant like Sani-Tred, which involves applying a specialized sealant to concrete surfaces to protect them from moisture, stains, and other environmental damage. This type of sealant penetrates the concrete and creates a hydrophobic (water-repelling) barrier. This is an effective way to protect concrete surfaces from water damage, staining, and environmental wear.

The 5 Variables We Control To Prevent Damage In Our Power Washing Services- We Guarantee It, So Contact Us Now!

Sundusky River Valley Power Washing Services Page: Proper Water Pressure Level

Pressure Level

Of course, high water pressure washing is what we do, but too high a water pressure level can cause damage to surfaces. Our gas power washers can create pressure as high as 7000 psi(pounds per square inch). Only those individuals who have experience pressure washing, like us, know what water pressure level to use on surfaces made of different materials.

Sundusky River Valley Power Washing Services Page: Proper Nozzle Usage


Depending on the type of material we are power washing will determine the kind of nozzle we use. We use some nozzles that stay static and others that rotate, allowing greater coverage. Various nozzles spray water in a broader or narrower V, depending on the design of the spray angle. Using the wrong nozzle on a surface can cause damage instantaneously.

Sundusky River Valley Power Washing Services Page: Proper Distance From Surface

Distance From Surface

You’ll often see our service tech move the power washing wand varying distances from a surface. Being at the proper distance from windows, softwood, and fragile metal siding is essential. The material of the surface determines the safe distance. Given our years of experience and training, we can quickly access the proper spraying distance.

Sundusky River Valley Power Washing Services Page: Proper Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Agent

We can use many cleaning agents when power washing, and a surface’s material establishes which cleaning agents we can safely use. We always use safe, Eco-Friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Sundusky River Valley Power Washing Services Page: Time under water pressure

Time Under Pressure

We know directing pressurized water in one area for too long can cause surface damage, the uninitiated or inexperienced tech may not. We make sure to move the wand regularly on more sensitive surfaces like glass and wood but less so on stone and brick.

Sandusky River Valley Power Washing $500.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Official Rules of $500.00 Gift Certificate
Cement or Residential House Wash Only

Power Washing Services Give Away Rules
  1. Must live within a 60-mile radius of Tiffin, Ohio, zip code 44883
  2. Residential wash only
  3. $500.00 gift certificate for house wash will include cleaning up to 250 linear feet. Additional linear feet will be charged a reduced rate of $1.25 per linear foot in excess of 250 linear feet
  4. $500.00 gift certificate for flat cement works includes cleaning up to 2,000 square feet of cement. Square feet beyond the free 2000 will be charged at a reduced rate of $0.20 per square foot
  5. Normal terms of agreement are still applicable for this promotion.
  6. Can be a new or existing customer
  7. Gift certificate will expire 5/31/2024
  8. No cash value will be awarded in lieu of not washing a residential house or cement area.
  9. Winner cannot win another promotion within the next twelve months
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